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 About Us

 Shanghai Yuan Yi International trade co., Ltd. is an integrated supply chain service provider specializing in the procurement of equipment and materials for domestic and foreign roads, bridges, industrial buildings, commercial buildings, civil buildings, mining and other engineering projects.With years of professional sales and technical experience, the company has established solid cooperative relations with well-known manufacturers at home and abroad, and obtained the authorization and recognition of many well-known brands, which has laid a good foundation for expanding the broad International market.We also look forward to more partners in the global scope: based on China, to the world, let more Chinese enterprises go abroad, promote the smooth development of global trade is our service tenet.

 Shanghai Yuan Yi technology co., Ltd. is on the good basis and momentum of the establishment and development of Shanghai Yuan Yi International Trade Co., Ltd.With the good reputation, Yuan Yi technology has formed a good strategic partnership with the national 710 institute, and has successfully endorsed the civil equipment of the 710 institute.Among them, smart ocean, smart city, magnetic industry, equipment and other fields have reached the International level, with good business prospects.Shanghai Yuan Yi Technology Development Company and the Shanghai Ocean University signed an agreement of university-enterprise cooperation in personnel training, and in ocean engineering, food, health, enterprise development planning, etc., established the cooperation intention, in order to promote talent development, joint contribute to the national strategy and guarantee food health, achieve the company's innovative talent training mode, promote the education teaching reform and talent of education high quality, together colleagues also broaden the employment channels for Shanghai Ocean University graduates.

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