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 Kerryde CI-4 diesel engine oil is made of imported high-quality three kinds of base oil and imported compound additives. It has high-quality anti-wear and anti-oxidation performance, inhibits oxidation deterioration of oil products, and has a longer oil replacement cycle. Excellent alkali value reserve provides perfect lubrication for engine. The quality grade is in accordance with the American API classification of CI-4 diesel engine oil.



Cl-4 15W-40


运动粘度 100℃) , mm'/s

12.5- <   16.3


G B/T265

低温动力粘度 mPa.S




G B/T6538


mPa.S   ( 150℃   10'S·1)


< 3.7





闪点 开口),C

< 215


G B/T3536

倾点 ,℃



G B/T3535

沉淀物 ,%( m/ m)



G B/T6531

水分 ,%( m/ m)




G B/T260

Product characteristics:

Excellent cleanliness and fertility control valve and piston sediment formation and j cylinder wall polishing; Excellent oxidation stability can effectively adjust oil caused by high soot emission, reduce sludge formation, effectively prolong oil service life, excellent soot dispersion and soot wear resistance, prevent valve and heavy load zero. Workpiece wear to prevent blockage;

Excellent fuel economy, minimize fuel consumption; unique low ash and phosphorus formula is conducive to environmental protection.

Production varieties:

Available for 5W 30, 5W 40, 10W-30, 15W-40, 10W-40, 15W-40 brands.

Matters needing attention:

This product can be used interchangeably with API CI-4 oil products of the same viscosity grade of domestic and foreign oil companies, but it can not be mixed.

Recommended oil change cycle:

Under normal vehicle condition, road brother and harsher driving conditions, the recommended oil change period is 20,000 km.

Scope of application: It is suitable for the latest electronic control type produced by major automobile manufacturers at home and abroad, heavy-duty, high-speed, four-stroke natural suction or turbocharged diesel engine equipped with exhaust gas recirculation device (EGR). It is also suitable for large overloaded container transport vehicles and non-fair operation under various harsh working conditions. Road vehicles and support, generators, etc. It can replace CH-4, CF-4 and other diesel engine oil products.