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Advanced functional Grade A/B fireproof material composite production line.

The characters of functional Grade A/B fireproof composite panels: excellent processability, superior weatherability, resistance to wind pressure and impact resistance, high peel strength.

The metal composite panel is composed of 2 layers metal veneers, 2 layers polymer films, fireproof core material or thermal insulation core material. We also call it sandwich panel. The thickness of composite panel is usually 3-8mm.

Fireproof Performance 1500℃ Comparative Burn Test

1. Non-fireproof aluminum composite panel was burned through after 25 seconds;

2. Aluminum plate was burned through after 58 seconds;

3. Grade B fireproof aluminum composite panel was burned through after 16 minutes;

4. PILOT Grade A fireproof composite panel remained unaffected after 2 hours.