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Product Advantage

Roller Printing: Colorful, lifelike, rich in color, excellent weatherability, lasting and refreshing, 30 years of non-fading aging

Class A Fire Protection: Achieve National Class A Fire Protection to Ensure Safety

Scratch and Wear Resistance: Metal Substrate and Printing Coloring Process are perfectly matched to ensure scratch resistance, impact resistance and wear resistance.

Convenient installation: easy installation, dust-free and noise-free construction, short construction period

Insulation and moisture-proof: It has good functions of heat insulation, heat preservation and moisture-proof.

Antibacterial and antistatic: meeting the requirements of specific environment

Safe and harmless: with stable chemical and physical structure, will not decompose mildew, non-toxic, radiation-free, pollution-free

Environmental Protection and Recyclability: Avoiding Damage to the Natural Environment, Recycling and Reuse