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Solar household power plant is a distributed photovoltaic power generation system which can meet the needs of household electricity.

Advantages of household solar power generation:

1. It is possible to construct a private power grid for individuals, which can significantly reduce electricity expenditure.

2. In-situ generation and in-situ use can save investment in transmission and distribution network and reduce transmission and distribution losses.

3. Usually in summer, due to the use of air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment, the peak power consumption is formed, which is also the period when solar array generates the most electricity. It can ease peak power demand and solve the contradiction between supply and demand in peak and valley of power grid.

4. Because photovoltaic arrays are installed on roofs and walls and absorb solar energy directly, it avoids the high temperature of walls and roofs, so it can improve indoor temperature and reduce air conditioning load.

5. Solar photovoltaic power generation reduces the serious air pollution caused by fossil fuel power generation, which is extremely important for today and the future with higher environmental protection requirements.

6. The roof or ground can be effectively utilized without additional land use, thus saving land resources, which is particularly important for densely populated and expensive urban buildings.