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Signing Ceremony of Ocean University on March 27, 2019

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    Xintuobo International Logistics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a modern logistics enterprise in the supply chain, which integrates transportation, procurement and project development at home and abroad. Take the construction of "one belt and one road" as the core of enterprise strategy, and focus on global construction machinery and major international transportation. Shanghai Yuanyi Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. is committed to technology development, technical consultation and technical services in the fields of intelligent science and technology, new energy science and technology, marine equipment science and technology. It actively responds to the national innovation-driven development strategy and promotes the rapid development of scientific and technological innovation.


 Industry-University-Research Contracts

   In order to implement the strategy of marine power, talent power and innovation-driven development, speed up the development of modern marine science and technology, and train more advanced technical and skilled professionals for the country through School-enterprise cooperation, Shanghai Yuanyi Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Ocean University have made good use of their advantages through friendly consultation. Sign school-enterprise cooperation agreements.


   On March 27, 2019, an agreement between Shanghai Yuanyi Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Ocean University School-Enterprise Cooperation Council was solemnly held in Conference Room 506 of the Executive Building of Shanghai Ocean University.

   The leaders attended were Li Wenjun, Chairman of Shanghai Yuanyi Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., Zhang Huirong, Director-General of East China Sea Branch of Oceanic Bureau, Luan Jinhua, General Manager, Jiyang Teacher of Health Industry Department, and Minister Maris of Planning Department. The leaders of Shanghai Ocean University attended the ceremony were the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of Shanghai Ocean University, Li Jiale, Vice-President of Shanghai Ocean University. Wang Shiming, Dean of Engineering College of Ocean University, Zheng Yujun, Vice Secretary of Party Committee of Engineering College of Shanghai Ocean University, Zhu Jiangfeng, Vice Director of Science and Technology Department of Shanghai Ocean University, Dr. Xu Jingxiang, School of Engineering of Shanghai Ocean University, and Li Luhuang, Teacher of Management, etc. The signing ceremony was presided over by Dr. Xu Jingxiang.



   At the beginning of the meeting, Li Jiale, Standing Committee and Vice President of the Party Committee of Shanghai Ocean University, delivered a welcome speech and introduced the general situation of the scientific research work of the University and the scientific research achievements made in recent years. The school strives to build high-level characteristic universities, build first-class disciplines, accelerate the implementation of the national strategy of marine power, and continue to strengthen exploration in marine science, biological science, fishery science and other fields. At the same time, he said that he would expand cooperation with enterprises in the field of science and technology, work with one heart and one mind, and innovate.

   Wang Shiming, Dean of Engineering College of Shanghai Ocean University, introduced the orientation of running a school, the distribution of disciplines and the development direction of cooperation with the company in production, teaching and research. He also expressed the view that contractual cooperation between universities and enterprises would be beneficial for both sides to build a through train for training high-tech talents. He hoped that in the future, both sides could cooperate deeply in ocean engineering and realize resources. Sharing, complementary advantages, mutual benefit and common development. In addition, communication and exchanges were conducted on the specific production needs of enterprises, key research projects, student internship recruitment, production technology and other issues.

   Li Wenjun, chairman of Shanghai Yuanyi Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., said in his speech that school-enterprise cooperation is a very good opportunity and challenge for the company. He hopes to contribute to promoting talent development, docking national strategy and ensuring food health through cooperation in ocean engineering, food health and enterprise development planning. We should shoulder the responsibilities and responsibilities conferred by the times with practical actions. At the same time, we hope to realize the company's innovative talent training model, promote the reform of education and teaching, and jointly train high-quality talents, at the same time, broaden employment channels for school graduates.

 Looking ahead

   The success of this signing ceremony will further develop multi-level, multi-form and multi-field cooperation between schools and enterprises. Our company has a thorough understanding of the market development trend and the actual talent demand of enterprises. Before accurately positioning and serving, we constantly innovate the mode of production, teaching and research cooperation, and further promote the win-win situation between schools and enterprises. At the same time, school-enterprise cooperation will be taken as the focus of enterprise construction, the breadth and depth of school-enterprise cooperation will be strengthened, students'practical skills will be improved, and more innovative talents will be trained.

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