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    Fire enemy aerosol automatic fire extinguishing products, based on military technology, transform from military products to civil fields, is the latest generation of high-efficiency fire extinguishing products, which is applicable to electric power, new energy vehicles, underground pipe tunnel, wind power, chemical industry, communication and other industries.The automatic fire enemy aerosol extinguishing device is normally no pressure storage, fire extinguishing agent has the characteristics of moisture-proof, temperature-resistant and corrosion-resistant,etc.The device has the advantages of efficient and fast extinguishing, as long as ten years, small size and light weight, convenient installation and maintenance, etc. When a fire occurs, the device is started up by passive temperature sensing or electric starting to trigger the action of fire extinguishing agent, and a large number of subnanometer solid phase particles and inert gas mixture, namely, thermosol with dispersive fluidity, are rapidly produced, acting in every corner of the fire in a three-dimensional and completely submerged manner within 20 seconds.With fast, clean, efficient, safe and environmental protection, it can effectively extinguish closed or semi-closed space fire.