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    Fire Enemy aerosol self extinguishing and fire fighting products are independently researched and developed by CSIC.Based on military technology, they are the latest generation of high-efficiency fire extinguishing products suitable for electric power, new energy vehicles, underground pipe gallery, wind power, chemical industry, communication and other industries, and have the leading level in the world.

 The fire-fighting agent has the characteristics of moisture-proof, temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. The fire-fighting agent has the advantages of high efficiency, fast fire-fighting, 10-year validity, small volume, light weight, convenient installation and maintenance.

 In case of fire, the device can activate the fire extinguishing agent by passive temperature sensing or electric activation, and quickly produce a large number of sub nanometer solid particles and inert gas mixture, that is, the thermal aerosol with dispersive flow characteristics, which can completely submerge every corner of the fire disaster in 20 seconds. It has fast, clean, efficient, safe and environmental protection fire extinguishing performance, and can effectively extinguish fires in closed or semi closed spaces.

 Fire fighting principle

 Aerosol fire-extinguishing mainly uses the solid-phase chemical mixture, i.e. the hot aerosol generator, which is generated by chemical reaction and has strong fire-extinguishing properties. It acts on the fire-extinguishing space in the way of total submergence to reduce the temperature of the fire site, inhibit the combustion of free radicals and dilute the concentration of oxygen, so as to extinguish the flame. Demonstration of the fire extinguishing process of the test box:

 The process of aerosol fire-extinguishing includes multiple mechanisms such as physics and chemistry.

 1. Physical cooling inhibition:

 The metal salt particles in the fire extinguishing agent absorb a lot of heat at high temperature, which causes the physical heat absorption process such as hot melting and gasification, and reduces the flame temperature rapidly.

 2. Gas phase chemical inhibition:
    Under the action of heat, the vaporized metal ions or electron losing cations produced by decomposition of fire extinguishing agent can not be burned. The affinity reaction of active group can consume active group repeatedly and reduce combustion free radical.                                                          
   3. Solid phase chemical inhibition:

 The particles in the fire extinguishing agent are small and numerous, with large surface area and surface energy, which can adsorb the active groups in the combustion, develop chemical action, consume a large number of active groups, and reduce the combustion free radicals.

 4. Reduce oxygen concentration:

 A large number of inert gases such as N2 and CO2 produced by fire extinguishing agent can reduce the oxygen concentration in combustion and prevent further combustion.

 IV. Product features

 1. Fire enemy aerosol fire extinguishing device can extinguish class A, B, C and e fires, with good electrical insulation performance, and can be applied to all kinds of oil, gas and electrical fires;

 2. It adopts military aerosol technology, with advanced fire-fighting mechanism and good fire-fighting effect. The aerosol fire-extinguishing system has good heat absorption and cooling, combustion inhibition, dilution of oxygen concentration, and strong comprehensive fire-fighting performance.

 3. It can effectively extinguish the sheltered fire. When aerosol extinguishes the fire, it covers the fire part in the way of total submergence. It can effectively extinguish the blocked combustor in the hidden corner, reduce the risk of secondary fire, and is most suitable for the fire fighting in complex environment and sheltered area.

 4. The aerosol fire extinguishing system starts quickly, has super high efficiency and small volume. The portable and easy-to-use performance of the hand-held device is very good; the fixed device occupies less space and is suitable for installation in the narrow fire-fighting space, so the engineering construction and maintenance are more convenient;

 5. The fire enemy's hand-held aerosol fire extinguishing device uses the delay pull ring switch to automatically start the fire extinguishing, which is safe and reliable; the fixed aerosol fire extinguishing system has the independent detection and operation characteristics independent of the external cable switch, even in the case of external manual control line damage and failure, the thermomagnetic power generation self starting component can also trigger the starting device to extinguish the fire;

 6. The fixed aerosol system has no long-distance and large-scale pipe network design, and the bracket type installation is very convenient without increasing the planning and civil engineering costs;

 7. The fire extinguishing agent is green and environmentally friendly, which is harmless to the environment and human body, and is basically free of residue after eruption. 8. The preparation method of the fire extinguishing agent is advanced, which has good temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, moisture-proof, vibration resistance and other properties. The use of the fire extinguishing agent is

 The period of validity is up to ten years, and the use cost and later maintenance cost per unit cycle are relatively low.

 IV. product advantages

 This series of products are transformed from military technology to civil field. Its core technology is mature and reliable in military equipment and facilities. Through various tests conducted by the fire detection agency of the Ministry of public security, they meet the national standards, obtain complete fire product inspection reports, and can be used in various complex fire environments. Compared with other types of civil aerosol products, its advantages

 V. general product indicators

 Fire enemy series products can be selected according to different types of inspiration and protection space, and can be flexibly matched according to actual application.

 Application: the device can quickly extinguish class A, B, C and e fires and is widely used.

 Class A - refers to the fire of solid substances. Class B - fire caused by liquid or fusible solid matter. Class C - gas fire.

 Class E - refers to live fire.

 Environmental protection performance: the device is applicable to the environment temperature of - 50 ° C to + 95 ° C (up to + 125 ° C in a short time). It belongs to the fixed fire extinguishing device category, which does not contain ozone damaging substances and has few residues after eruption.