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 The system monitors the real-time parameters of CO-like gases, smoke, temperature and flame in the battery box and their changes. The data monitoring model is used to dynamically analyze and process the changes of parameters, and intelligently judge whether there is a risk of thermal runaway fire.

 When the power battery breaks down and starts to release pressure and heat, the detector can detect abnormal changes, and send warning signals to the driver through CAN bus or wiring harness in the latent stage, smoking stage, high temperature stage and open fire stage of fire occurrence, so as to realize graded warning and control to start fire extinguishing device. The system can judge intelligently. The fire extinguishing device can be automatically started to prevent the fire from deteriorating, and the fire extinguishing device can also be manually started in an emergency state. The fire extinguishing device can control the fire situation in a few seconds by using high-efficiency fire extinguishing agent to maximize the safety of battery packs.