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  HD-101/102 mechanical temperature-sensitive start-up element is used to transmit electric pulse start-up signal to fire extinguishing device in passive state and feedback start-up signal to system equipment. When the temperature of the place it is placed exceeds the set temperature, the starter will start automatically (left of the picture above), or the fire extinguishing device will start manually (right of the picture above, passive start manually). Starting element has the advantages of simple structure, reliable operation, no need of external power supply, integration of temperature sensing detection and starting terminal equipment, etc. It can be combined with aerosol or other fire extinguishing devices to form an independent fire extinguishing system for protecting various places, industrial equipment and vehicles. When the starting component acts, the starting component can feedback a switch signal to the fire alarm system. It is suitable for all kinds of regional places with harsh environment and unattended, especially for the application scenarios of power and energy industries.