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  The fire alarm and control device of fire enemy monolithic power battery is a new energy special fire product developed to solve the fire caused by thermal runaway of power battery of new energy automobile. The device is an integrated design which integrates multiple functions of active detection, data analysis, research, control and management. It contains high sensitivity temperature sensor, gas sensor, smoke sensor and flame sensor. It is installed in battery box of power battery pack. It is connected with automatic fire extinguishing device and BMS management system to detect battery box. Gas, heat, smoke and open fire generated in the early stage of fire due to internal short circuit, excessive charging and external short circuit are analyzed intelligently and controlled automatically by system during the thermal runaway stage of batteries. The device has the advantages of compact size, easy installation and layout, excellent quality, strong environmental adaptability, multi-detection and multi-stage diversification, scientific and advanced data analysis model, accurate and fast response control, dynamic and programmed intelligent management, etc.