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 Product overview

 Serialization products are composed of magnetic sensor, acceleration sensor and temperature sensor. General magnetic compass adopts tilting conpensation technology to output parameters, such as azimuth angle, pitch angle, roll angle, magnetic field component, inner temperature, etc. It is characterized with small volume, high accuracy of azimuth angle, a wide range of pitch and roll angles, rapid angular response, low power consumption, etc.  It is suitable for situations with high demand on azimuth angle, power consumption and volume. Four models are available, which are MCC201, MCC301, MCL302 and MCS301. General magnetic compass has been widely used in attitude measurement, such as tow cable for oil exploration, underwater  delivery vechicles, underwater weapons, individual equipment,etc.



 Robots, automatic driving, servo control, platform stability control, underwater vehicle navigation, underwater cable orientation, UAV navigation control, etc.