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  Real-time Transmission Submersible buoy is a conventional survey equipment for obtaining marine environmental data. Through carrying deep-water ADCP, inductive coupling transmission CTD sensors and other self-contained marine instruments and equipment, it can be deployed in sea areas with 200m-4000m depth according to the need of customers, and implement long-period, fixed-point, continuous and multilayer-synchronized real-time observation on marine environmental elements of underwater temperature, conductivity and ocean current.

 1. Maximum depth: 6000m, depth range of main floating body:80-250m, compression strength: ≥4.5MPa;

 2. Profiling measurement range of ADCP: 10-1000m (up-down observation by double ADCPs);

 3. The main floating body can automatic alarm when out of water accidently, and display location and measuring data in real time;

 4. Underwater working time: ≥1 year, with storage capacity of measuring raw data of more than 365 days.